Finally, LUSH!

See all that stuff at the edge of the bed?  Those are documents, course reading, new SIM cards, and other general sorting out that I need to deal with today.  Now let's open up the frame a bit and see what I'm ignoring that with...

Yep.  Why tackle important things when I can type at you about the things I got at LUSH yesterday?  After being in more university induction meetings for most of the afternoon, I trekked out to Stratford, home of the Westfield shopping center.  Which is seriously, the best and most dangerous place I've been in London.  Because they have all of the stores you could want (except Muji; they really need to get one of those in there).  Going there also reminds me how student poor I am BUT ANYWAY.  Stick to the program, Marion.

One of the things I was most excited about moving to the UK was the rampant availability of LUSH shops.  Yeah, sad, I know.  There wasn't one near Indy, and the one in LA was so far out from me:  it would have taken over an hour on public transportation to get remotely close to it.  So when I ran out of conditioner this week, I knew where I was taking my dollah-dollah bills notes with the Queen's face on it.

I don't know if you've ever been in a LUSH, but the employees sort of pride themselves on being able to talk about their products for ages.  The two girls that helped me were super friendly though which is something else I appreciate about LUSH—some places that have fancier products I can feel intimidated by.  But at LUSH, I know they want my business, but I'm also not afraid to say no to them.  I will say that when I asked if I could get a sample of one of the lip scrubs, even after I had committed to buying a full-sized product, the saleslady seemed a little reluctant.  I know that they don't want people barging in and requesting samples and then never purchasing anything, but they were already gonna get my money.

While I didn't get the lip scrub sample I asked for (felt too awkward to bring it up again), I did get—without specifically requesting, mind you—Blousey and Happy Happy Joy Joy.  The first is a shampoo that to me smells kind of like banana bread.  It's supposed to be good for colored/damaged hair so should suit me well.  HHJJ was what I almost purchased, but I wasn't in love with the scent.

I ended up going with Roots, which isn't even a conditioner really but a hair treatment.  The mint smell is what tipped me over.  I was a little worried that it might be too heavy because it is a pretty thick paste and I usually try not to put conditioners too close to my scalp.  But I used it today and my hair feels noticeably softer.  Hope it continues to perform as such!

Do you have any favorite LUSH products?  Or are you like former-me and have yet to experience the nice that is lalala LUSH?


  1. Funny because when in France you ask for samples, they always give you some. Anyway Lush products are wonderful, I love their facial masks. The blueberry one is a muuuust have.


  2. I've always wanted to try that vanilla body powder. I've also always wanted to get a million samples but I always feel baaaaad just leaving stores with free things.

  3. I love Lush! I don't think anything you got is available in the US store though, which is a bummer because Roots sounds lovely. Rose Argan and the Brazened Honey mask are my favorites.

  4. A LUSH store recently opened up at my mall! I adore Ocean Salt. If you buy the largest size, it lasts for AGES. It's a bit harsh, so I use it only once or twice a week.

  5. lush is in canada and its wonderful! though i am slightly bias since i worked there as a seasonal employee.
    you should try their face products! angels on bare skin, greased lightening and any of the face masks that tickle your fancy. my favourite shower gel is it's raining men and then bar soap honey i washed the kids! both smell like delicious honey!
    bath bombs!
    bath melts!
    get excited for the christmas items! ugh i'm going to lush tomorrow, it's decided


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