Hourglass Brow Pencil in Blonde first impression review

I've been coveting this pricey little stick for far too long. So when I had some SpaceNK points about to expire (that's how they get you, isn't it?), I thought this was my window. My window to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a pencil to colour in the tiny hairs above my eyeballs. Oh, beauty products.

As per usual, Estée was to blame for planting this product in my head as I-have-to-have-it after mentioning it in numerous videos of hers. And after she applied Soft Brown to me when she did my makeup, well if the deal was not already done, it was super done after that.

I'm gradually switching as much [if not all] of my makeup/skincare/hair products/etc. to cruelty free brands. This product (at least according to the packaging) is vegan as well. Great!  As the title of this post states, this is only my first impression of the product as I haven't had it very long. But I love it already. I've been using two MAC (not cruelty free) shadows to do my brows and the Hourglass finish is miles more natural than I could ever manage to achieve with powder. This pencil is so much more precise. Also having the spooly on the other end makes all the difference. And I didn't have a spooly before. So. I just bought a £25 spooly. Beat that.

I got the lightest shade—Blonde. It works great with my fading ginge / strawberry blonde hair. There are some ever so slightly warm undertones in the product colour that pulls this off.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Blonde £26


  1. I'm the same with cruelty free stuff but I haven't tried hourglass yet. This brow pencil sounds and looks great. Have you used any other hourglass products? If they work as well as this it will be great, but I don't want to splash all the cash on without listening to some opinions first.

    1. I have the mineral veil primer from them but I haven't used that enough to form an opinion yet. But definitely google around more blogs to see what people are saying. I just really wanted to get a "review" up on Blonde because I know when I was doing research on it, all I saw were posts on Soft Brunette!

    2. Thank you! Definitely :) It's always much harder to find reviews for lighter shades and It's so helpful to see how the colour looks when it's applied.


  3. Marion so glad you're blogging again! Look forward to more posts. And that picture of you is so beautiful!


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