Listen, See, Read: 6 Months in review.

Ages and aaaages ago I had some questions in my tumblr ask along similar lines: Top 10 favorite books? / your favourite bands and musicians? / favourite books, films, music? I do not like picking favourites of all time (commitment issues) so to skirt around this, I propose a hybrid of the monthly favourites and the forever favourites: six months in review.

I have delved back into my GoodReads,, letterboxd, and a running list I keep on my laptop, and boom, I'm reacquainted with everything I've been loving over the past months. And now you can go out and enjoy them too. Today we tackle ears.

I saw Mac Demarco at KOKO in Camden back in May after having only been introduced to his sweet stoner crooning two weeks prior to the gig. I kneeled for Neil [Young]. My main man is incredible both live and studio glazed. Salad Days is a standard favourite and I'm also quite partial to My Kind of Woman.

Fleetwood Mac is the kind of music my childhood friends' parents listened to so those ballads are forever empoweringly familiar. My blogging muse Chelsea compiled a boss playlist that I continue to switch on for any occasion.

I was a little worried that Watsky's swan dive off the rafters at Ally Pally would be the swan song of his career and my interest in him. Then he released his new album All You Can Do in August. Baby, I am back on the Watsky wagon. The album is more polished but less playful than Cardboard Castles (which I also loved). It's an album of apology and self-examination but it's also an album with some insanely catchy beats. There's only one song I'd skip (comment if you can guess which :P); I would link you every last one of them I love but that seems excessive. So I'll start you out with Sarajevo.

Lemon Jelly is sampling at its best. I love a good mashup. Even better when you weave in midcentury soundbites. This won't be for everyone. But it gives me tingles.
Image sources: Mac / Lemon Jelly album mockup


  1. Ohh good selection of music! I'm trying to decide what Watsky song you'd skip, but I'm not sure! (I love Watsky, saw him live last week for the second time and it was great.)


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