Out of your league, babe.

This list started with the J. Crew pajamas. I saw them on Reading My Tea Leaves and boy, I wish I had never clicked. My friend and roommate Sanne bought an adorable matching set of jammies from H&M. So that planted the seed in my head and then when these J. Crew babies came along... These go for $78 (probably excluding shipping) which I cannot rationalise for something that is going to replace some worn out free tees. Even worse? If you live in the UK, like I do, and want to buy them from the UK site, the price jumps to £78. Are. you. kidding me.

My seemingly endless stock pile of random shampoo samples from over the years has finally dwindled and spending money means buying cruelty free. Get a reasonably priced number from Lush? No, I'll just slobber over a £44 bottle of luxury shampoo. Again, daylight robbery – in the US you can get this Oribe shampoo for $46. Nearly half the price. And I am visiting my family in a couple of weeks... So maybe one of you can persuade me not to order this?

I'm not going to lie: I've gotten a little lazy with my skincare lately. And since cutting in a fringe. Which is a terrible practice because, fight all you want, but your forehead complexion suffers when you have bangs. Anyway, when I do happen to do my 7-step (hey, don't judge) routine and it's time to tone, I'd like to be toning with the nectar of the gods. Omorovicza's Queen of Hungary Mist retails at £46. I remember it being more expensive... NOT AN EXCUSE, MARION.

Finally, this candle. Did you know when I originally read it my mind dyslexifyied it into 'Gainsbourg' ? And you know me and my pretentious French taste. But when I photoshopped it into this list I was like... wait... Gainsbourg... Ginsberg... oh, Jesus, "Howl." Eh. Still would look good on my windowsill. Oh yeah. How much? £38.


I know we all covet things that are far out of our price range. Especially when tis the season of the wish list. And if you like, leave me a comment of something you've been eying that will break your budget.

This post style was inspired by Note to Self, a blog that makes far better and far beautiful list graphics.

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