When I first came to London —

— I had very different hair.

I'm moving again. Which makes me very reflective? The title lies a bit. These pictures were taken the first time I came to London to live. You don't want to see pictures of the first time I came to London to visit. I was a greasy 13 year old pushing a cart through a brick wall between two platforms at a train station. Or maybe you do want to see those pictures...

In these pictures I'm in a sublet in Homerton. It's 2012. It's August. Sanne is crashing at mine before she goes back to the Netherlands. But the two of us (along with two other friends) have just signed our first year lease for a flat in London. A feat I still don't know how we accomplished, as two Americans, a Dutchie, and a Brit fresh out of university. With no references or jobs to boot.

So in sheer celebration and awe, Sanne and I downed some Hoegaarden (and yes, non-Dutch speakers, in your head you are allowed to pronounce it hoe-garden too). I'm remembering small little details now about not being able to find a bottle opener in this house I didn't really live in. How did Sanne manage to get that bottle open?

A year later, four became three. Casa KaMaSaRo became CBA (can't be arsed) Studios. And now the three amigos are going their separate ways. On good terms, I assure you. But things are changing. Or rather they've changed. For all of us. No bad changes. Just some of them very unanticipatable, a word I'm going to insist is a word.

But in all that change, there are some recurring moving motifs from these photos. My hair is short again. And I've found myself moving my possessions back and forth to my new abode by making suitcase trips down the road, again.


  1. i just love how nostalgic you can get here on the blog. For the last year, i've been following your adventures (is this even grammatically correct?) adventures - in a totally non-creepy way, of course - and both of you always manage to cheer me up and inspire me to be more confortable with myself.

    i just want to wish you all the luck in world. i'm pretty sure you are going to make something awesome out of this new "adventure" :)

  2. I've enjoyed the videos and blog posts that have been created throughout your time in London, and it is definitely a sad thought to think about my favorite Youtube duo not making videos together anymore (though hopefully that won't be the case entirely). I wish all of you the best of luck with this new chapter in your lives! Hope you will still keep all of us up to date with videos, blog posts, and plenty of Instagram photos (and I hope you and Sanne will still manage to make the occasional video together!)

    1. Sanne and I will definitely still be making videos together! She is just a quick bus trip down the road :)


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