7 June 2015

Porthcurno, September 2014, analogue, light.

I'm taking a break from frantically packing everything I own into tote bags (I'm moving Tuesday) to share with you some completely unrelated photos. You. Are. Welcome.

You may recall a similarly titled post that cropped up here back in April. Yes? Yes! These are part two, the 'Light' series, of my Cornwall photos (aka, the prints from the Boots disposable that didn't turn out as dark and grainy). Ross and I stayed in the guesthouse of one the cottages pictured above. See the one on the right with the trio of windows jutting out from the roof? Dat us. Literally on the edge of England. See those rocks? Yeah, they drop directly down to ocean.

More of Ross's fine cooking handiwork. Bro needs a blog. (Oh wait.) This is a potato rosti, or as I affectionately like to call it 'egg in potato cocoon.' Yeah... I don't actually called it that but regardless it is freaking delicious. He combines mash with fried onions, garlic and spices, bakes it for a bit, then for the last couple minutes of cooking, cracks an egg on top and cooks it to gently runny perfection. If Ross ever opens a restaurant (which will ofc serve brunch *sassy hand emoji*), I demand this to be on the menu.

I read The Goldfinch on that trip and seeing these photos make me realise I really miss reading that book. I saw on Rosianna's Instagram that she is rereading The Secret History and oh what I would give to drop everything and return to this little corner of the world to read it.

And yes, that is an honesty box outdoor egg mart. Oh, countryside. (Sorry, I'm very gif/meme heavy this evening not sure what that's all about.)

Ross's walked in from football so imma wrap this up early. (Ross's arrival tends to mean imminent food time and, well, food trumps all.) He's just told me he got Man of the Match. Bless 'im. Right, pizza ordering time. Gotta scoot. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

3 June 2015

Fair Trade & Sustainable Fashion.

L: SVILU Tailored Green Pants, £140  //  R: Groceries Apparel Black Jersey Dress, £40    

I'm gonna come out and say that shopping for sustainably made fair trade clothes is a bit of a minefield. 

I started this journey only a couple months agothe journey being to locate where I can actually buy ethical, sustainable clothes, or is it thrift shops and eBay for the rest of eternity. Spoiler alert: I found some places.

In a previous post I mentioned that I want to live more consciously and sustainably. I made a pledge to myself to stop buying from stores that have their products predominantly made by exploited children and impoverished workers. Cool.  Good. Step in the right direction. Now where do I cloth myself?

Sanne, Lex, and Rosi can duly testify that whilst walking down the high street, I've taken up muttering 'slaves' when passing pretty much any clothing establishment. I can't walk into an H&M or a Topshop anymore without seeing all the people who have been taken advantage of so we can have fast, cheap (and sometimes not-so-cheap) fashion.

L: Tara Starlet Homefront Dress, £80 //  R: Upstate Maria Shirt Dress, £230 

So great, you're ready to commit? You're done giving your money to the oppressive high street? Awesome, let's start shopping SEFT*! But you need to check yourself at the door because there's gonna be a few of those fast fashion luxuries we need to shake off and SEFT myths to debunk.
*I've abbreviated 'sustainable, ethical, & fair trade' to SEFT because frankly it's a lot to spell out every damn time.

Here's what I've learned over the past couple months.

'Sustainable', 'fair trade' & 'ethical' are not mutually exclusive labels.
I think the issue at the heart here is that these terms often have intersecting meanings and there aren't set industry definitions to make it any easier. Currently, it's lucky if an item meets two of these criteria. And if you're trying to tick all these boxes, plus have it vegan too? Good. Luck.

'Sustainable', 'fair trade' & 'ethical' do not always mean high quality.
Sanne recently got a dress from People Tree that had a dyed pattern that wore away after one wear. I have a cotton shirt from them that looks nice but doesn't feel great (I also have a dress from them that I love and the quality is top notch—it's a roll of the dice). I've come across numerous other brands selling flimsy, wrinkled shirts.

Say goodbye to the budget buy.
There are reasonable prices and great sales but you need to forget the idea of seeing a full price top for £15. To soften the blow of higher price tags, I remind myself it reflects that the person who made this item actually got paid decently.

The websites for the most part? Terrible.
The majority that I'm sharing today have their shit together. But there's a lot of clunky and unaesthetic websites to wade through to get to the good ones.

Selection and 'fashionability' is missing.
SEFT clothes sadly aren't the most fashion-forward. A lot of it is designed for middle aged women, which makes sense because they are the clientele more able to afford its price point. The Acey is one place that is thankfully on trend as hell (but also with high-end prices). You're not going to see the wide-range of selection offered by a typical high street clothing store. They call it slow fashion for a reason. It means a lot of waiting around for next season if you aren't crazy for the current collection.

L: MAYAMIKO Baroque Rust A-line Skirt, £35 //  R: Braintree Coira Stripe Bamboo Socks, £4.90 

There's a lot of compromises to be made as SEFT fashion is still a very young industry. But with the growing strength of the cruelty-free movement, I can't help but see this being the next logical step for conscious consumers. Like with cruelty-free products, it's not perfect. You're putting your trust in these brands that they are being honest about their practices. But regardless, I think brands that seek to be fair trade/ethically produced, sustainable, and/or vegan are making a move in the right direction. And that's something the rest of the fashion giants have largely ignored and continue to ignore. 

I hope this will be the first post of many on SEFT fashion and brands. For now, I've compiled a list of clothing/fashion brands I've stumbled across. Some are great, and some of the websites are clunky. But I hope you find it helpful! If you have any brands to share (UK please if possible!), do jot them down below.

13 May 2015

First Book Buys of 2015.

These are in fact the first books I bought this calendar year. I only just got around to putting up the photos. Because I am me.

Since starting a new job in February, I've found it quite hard to balance work and, well, anything. Let alone reading for fun. Given the choice, I usually elect to sleep. And I still find myself absolutely shattered at the end of the day and week. It's something I'm still adjusting to. Adjusting to adulting. I made a video not too long ago listing out all the books I planned to read this year. And realistically, many of those titles probably won't get read this year. Even with my hols (am I officially British or what) coming up a week from today (*dancing lady emoji*).

I picked these two up on a chilly January afternoon at the HMV in Liverpool One. I'm not one to do book shopping in HMV--but I recall there being a surprisingly good post-Christmas selection and discount on. I am a little bummed that I didn't realise Crash also comes in this cover, which I prefer. But maybe I can deface this one with annotations and treat myself one day to a pristine copy of the other.

Yep, I'm jetting off to La Carihuela next week for a no-internet (involuntary) beach getaway. I've never been to Spain, and I don't speak a lick of Spanish so should be delightful. Then a week after getting back from vacation I AM MOVING HOUSE. Well, moving flats. Fingers crossed that nothing falls through between now and then but the general jist is that I am very excited to really decorate this place as my own. And I'm itching to document that as much as I can here on the blog.

11 April 2015

On my mind.

I've had some pretty big postsbig concept posts, I guessrattling around a while in my brain. But I haven't worked out how to articulate some of these ideas. So instead I thought I'd steal some beautiful Instagrams from my Posts You've Liked feed (credited with click thru and below ofc) and do a little mind dump.

  • I'm not gonna let myself buy from Amazon anymore.

  • Kristen Stewart's birthday was this week. I still have a weird thing for Kristen Stewart.

  • I have no desire to watch films anymore. Old or new. I went to film school. This concerns me. But only when I allow myself to think about it.

  • I want to read Outlander so I can watch sexy Scottish men on telly.

  • Where can I buy clothes that aren't made in a sweatshop or from sketchily obtained raw materials? Is it People Tree, Kuyichi, and charity shops for the rest of my life?
  • I want to live more sustainably. This blog is really great.
    • I've gone off hormonal birth control but I've heard mixed things about the Temperature Monitoring Method. I'd like to not contribute to killing the planet with latex consumption but, knowing me, I'd fuck up the temperature tracking, and then boom, surprise, PREGGO!
    • My mom is gonna be really pissed if I stop using toothpaste with fluoride in.
      • I need to take better care of my teeth. If I don't watch out, they're gonna all fall out of my head and then I'm gonna have to invest in dentures.
    • Cloth pads. Can I do this? For makeup removal & skincareprobably. For periodsehhhhhm that's gonna be stepping out of my comfort zone for sure. But a step I feel I should try. (I'm not into the Moon Cup thing.)

  • I want to shift to only buying from companies that require their suppliers to not test any raw material they sell on animals, not just the ingredients sold for cosmetics. This is going to take a lot of effort and emailing, ugh. Can companies just not be sneaky, that would be great. So far, I have LUSH and maybe Lord & Berry.
    • This is going to be a long road.

Have you been thinking about any of these things? What's on your mind?

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