The April Almanac.

Hey! Thanks for watching my video. These are the links you are looking for :)

The shirt I am wearing is from Eileen Fisher. My nails are Intensae in the colour Jungle. I have a video coming up in which I walk through this makeup but until then the lip colour in this video is ColourPop's Lumière.

The music that opens the video is "Comme une maison vide" by Julsy. Her stuff is all as gorgeous as this and more. I also used a song of hers, "Ze Rest Of Uz", in my Norway video. Listening to it chokes me up every time because I'm sensitive af. Support her on Bandcamp; the world needs more dreamy albums from this artist.

The golden group chat is made up of Emily, Lex, rhr and Sa-nay-nay. These girls convinced me to go to Amsterdam, and I am so glad they did. I'm so happy I got to see Sanne speak on her panels (*proud mother duck*), be in the same room with Rosianna even though she was a working whirlwind. Lex took me to my bus stop to get to the airport because she is a total gentleman. And Emily is getting as difficult to pin down as Rosianna these days so I was so so happy to have someone to gush to about how much we were falling for Amsterdam. Seriously though, I might like Amsterdam more than London now HELP???

If you ever go to Amsterdam – or the Netherlands at all – you have to hit up a Bagels & Beans for food and order their Warme Chocomelt. I'm a bit annoyed because I thought I had taken a full video of me stirring the chocolate chips into the milk. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I did this on Snapchat, which HELLO deletes the video after 24 hours. Snapchat has claimed a lot of the things I thought I had filmed. Thanks Obama.

I am well and truly obsessed with the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. The episode that I mention is their interview with Huma Abedin. I feel so much smarter, and at the same time feel like I need to know more listening to this podcast. Ugh, it's so good. Just listen to it already. Honourable mentions go out to S-Town which I assume you've already listened to, Dear Hank & John – ditto, and Make Out With Him.

"The boob dress" might arguably my garment of the year because it has made many outings since I purchased it in November. It is the REFORMATION Blaise dress that I got at their London pop up store. This picture that I love was taken on the day I bought it. Getting this dress has also gotten me well acquainted with boob tape and sticky boobs. Whodathunkit.

Person: Arden Rose, cheers for making me feel old and creepy. @planetalex_ keeping tumblr alive, but on Twitter. Does anyone use tumblr anymore?! RIP

L'objet: Which is object in French because I am fancy, okay? My glass KeepCup is the 12oz size.

Reading Material: Inferior by Angela Saini. How Science Got Women Wrong—and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story. It's out at the end of May in the UK.

Back in action: The stickers that are on my Oyster card are from Fran.

Watching: Atlanta (2016)— don't read about it. JUST WATCH. It's on FX in the US and Sky Go has it in the UK. Magnolia (1999). Also don't look up or read ANYTHING about this film before you watch it. It has earned itself a spot as one of my top favourite films and that should be enough for you. Boogie Nights (1997) is also great and weirded me out at how attracted I am to young Mark Wahlberg. Forgive me. The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) for comfort or mindless background chatter.

Almost all the text in this video I hand-wrote. It didn't take too long but it can be fiddly as I used my phone. I used the app Procreate and followed this guide from Hey Claire.

I'm pretty bummed that I forgot to talk about what I've been listening to in April in the video. So I've made an April playlist. It's on Apple Music so apologies as I know that will suck for most of you. Basically all you need to take away from it is listen to Aimee Mann's new album Mental Illness. On repeat. For all of May.

Camera: Emily shot this for me using the Canon C300 using 24mm lens.

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Growing up Gilmore.

I know I'm not a special snowflake. (Though some would disagree and say I have yet to learn this.) I'm not the only twenty-something year old girl that spent her formative years studying Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, willing herself to be them. But when has being exactly like thousands of other people ever stopped me from talking about myself.

It was on ABC Family when I got home from school. I got the first and second seasons on boxset for Christmas. I would watch them when school had let out for summer until the discs wore out and I could hear birds announcing I had made it to 6am. I started a notebook detailing the plot of season one and where songs appeared in certain episodes (there's websites for this now that I would have killed for then). I was firmly in favour of the cookies and love and the Dean and the Rory and the cookies and the love

Craftsman Café, Bermondsey.


One of my favourite places I've discovered since moving south of the river (the shock, the horror) is Craftsman Café. It moved into the neighbourhood at about the same time I did. To the extent that we saw them hand-painting the trim and stencilling the logo on the front window (below right photo via the geo-tagged Instagram page). And I think for those reasons, though I've gone less in the colder months, this has become of my favourite places in London.

Some books I'm excited to read.

*pears around corner* Ahem, erm, h-h-hello? Am I still allowed here? Yes? *whips white sheets off furniture*
This little guy is all over the shops this week. I was reading a proof copy last year and now have the luscious debossed hardback by my bedside. The writing of Goats and Sheep is so comforting without being at all dumbed down. It has a dreamy quality to it that at times reminds me of if The Virgin Suicides was set in middle England and concentrated on two ten-year-olds rather than pouting teenage daughters. I'm looking forward to starting it again–it's the kind of read with descriptions so good you want to roll them around in your mouth.

I stole my friend's advanced copy of this because it is so pretty. Look at it, goddammit. That typography. I had to take it home. I have no idea what's it about (that's how I like to go into my books) but I'm going to wager there are some horsies. I have to be honest, I did try to start reading it tonight and am finding it difficult to get past the first couple pages. But to be fair it's 9pm on a Friday after a full on week of work. Progress to be updated on Goodreads.

September 11th.

"What's today?"
An innocent, anodyne, purely date-seeking question was posed to me this morning. But when I flicked over to the sidebar to check,

"Oh. It's September 11th."

Like most Americans, especially those around my age, I have a September 11th story. And they usually all start with a variation on 'I remember...'

Lost at sea.

This feels kind of like walking into a meeting you've been skipping for the last couple months. Everyone lifts up their head to look as you come through the door. And then they go back to shuffling their papers, ignoring your casual sheepish wave.

Hey guys.

For months I've been ruminating about how to write here now that I am not freelance. How do non-freelance people blog?! Comment some examples. I don't want this to be a place where I talk about my job because I spend most of my waking hours doing and thinking about my job. I really want my blog to be a separate entity but I'm beginning to wonder if it can be. My job is a huge part of my life now. And I feel like if I ban myself from talking about it... well, what else will I have to say here?

Porthcurno, September 2014, analogue, light.

I'm taking a break from frantically packing everything I own into tote bags (I'm moving Tuesday) to share with you some completely unrelated photos. You. Are. Welcome.

You may recall a similarly titled post that cropped up here back in April. Yes? Yes! These are part two, the 'Light' series, of my Cornwall photos (aka, the prints from the Boots disposable that didn't turn out as dark and grainy). Ross and I stayed in the guesthouse of one the cottages pictured above. See the one on the right with the trio of windows jutting out from the roof? Dat us. Literally on the edge of England. See those rocks? Yeah, they drop directly down to ocean.
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