Making the cruelty-free switch.

I don't think I've said this explicitly here on the blog, but roughly around April this year, I decided to go cruelty-free. Basically what that means, for me at least, is that with all new cosmetic and skincare purchases, I'm pledging to only buy products not tested on animals.

Since creating derpinaMODE, a beauty and fashion YouTube channel I share with my friend Sanne, my interest in makeup and skincare has skyrocketed. What first got me thinking about the effects my new-found hobby had on animal testing was a video made by my friend Lex.

Books are my bag.

You may have heard about the Books Are My Bag campaign back in October. Well the campaign isn't over! And I thought with the holidays fast approaching, it would be good to plant the reminder. Books Are My Bag celebrates one of the things I love most—visiting your local bookshop. Physically going in and browsing. Speaking to staff for their knowledge and recommendations. And maybe walking out with something unexpected.

When I first came to London —

— I had very different hair.

I'm moving again. Which makes me very reflective? The title lies a bit. These pictures were taken the first time I came to London to live. You don't want to see pictures of the first time I came to London to visit. I was a greasy 13 year old pushing a cart through a brick wall between two platforms at a train station. Or maybe you do want to see those pictures...

Out of your league, babe.

This list started with the J. Crew pajamas. I saw them on Reading My Tea Leaves and boy, I wish I had never clicked. My friend and roommate Sanne bought an adorable matching set of jammies from H&M. So that planted the seed in my head and then when these J. Crew babies came along... These go for $78 (probably excluding shipping) which I cannot rationalise for something that is going to replace some worn out free tees. Even worse? If you live in the UK, like I do, and want to buy them from the UK site, the price jumps to £78. Are. you. kidding me.

Visual aid.

I got acquainted with Charlie Kaufman at the beginning of this year. If you don't know who he is, just know that he is one of the trippiest screenwriters in Hollywood. To his name he has Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (often cited as my favourite film), Being John Malkovich, and Synecdoche, New York.  Bro has a monopoly on flipping reality upside down. All I want for Christmas is another Kaufman/Gondry collaboration please. I can't remember what got me to watch Adaptation. Probably a nudge from one of my friends. Naturally I was reluctant because I'm pretty prejudiced against Nicolas Cage films. But holy crap. This film was fantastic. Definitely something to be owned and studied. Definitely stressful and at times hard to follow. Definitely is meta as fuck. Definitely a must watch.

Books I've been loving.


If you didn't catch my last post, I'm currently doing a round up on the blog of the books, films and tunes I've been enjoying over the last six months. Take my hand, because today imma walk you through some damn fine bundles of paper.

Listen, See, Read: 6 Months in review.

Ages and aaaages ago I had some questions in my tumblr ask along similar lines: Top 10 favorite books? / your favourite bands and musicians? / favourite books, films, music? I do not like picking favourites of all time (commitment issues) so to skirt around this, I propose a hybrid of the monthly favourites and the forever favourites: six months in review.

I have delved back into my GoodReads,, letterboxd, and a running list I keep on my laptop, and boom, I'm reacquainted with everything I've been loving over the past months. And now you can go out and enjoy them too. Today we tackle ears.

Threads that bind us.

And they went further and further from her, being attached to her by a thin thread (since they had lunched with her) which would stretch and stretch, get thinner and thinner as they walked across London; as if one's friends were attached to one's body, after lunching with them, by a thin thread, which (as she dozed there) became hazy with the sound of bells, striking the hour or ringing to service, as a single spider's thread is blotted with raindrops, and, burdened, sags down. So she slept.

Virginia Woolf

Note: This post is inspired by the blog Bookswept.

Hourglass Brow Pencil in Blonde first impression review

I've been coveting this pricey little stick for far too long. So when I had some SpaceNK points about to expire (that's how they get you, isn't it?), I thought this was my window. My window to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a pencil to colour in the tiny hairs above my eyeballs. Oh, beauty products.

Fourth Meal 001

So I'm in love with a little thing called Instagram. And it is undoubtedly one of the contributing factors to the neglect the poor marionhoney blog has experienced as of late. So let's resuscitate some content here with a little some'in'-some'in', yeah? I present to you Fourth Meal a recurring roundup of things I've been eating in London. Where should you go and what should you get? This.

Stourhead II.

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