I made a list of anarchist YouTubers for my friend Anna and thought I would share it here too.


Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people by shitpostsampler

🏴🖤 Anarchism YouTubers

my favourites


Channels I haven't watched yet

but are on my radar



 not self-defined anarchists but explore anti-capitalist critiques


Happy unlearning :)

A link dump of everything I've been enjoying because the internet has been really good lately. In no particular order, other than working backwards through my watch history and music library adds.



Hey little lady. Here's all the links that I didn't put in the video description but that you might have been curious about.

"The Hustle" cover (original by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony) is a recording of a SHS Orchestra 1978 performance. I love that is sounds like your best American high school marching band tooting their hearts out.


The run up to releasing a video triggers a curiously similar feeling as the anticipation I felt as a kid going to bed the night before Christmas morning. Giddiness. An inability to sleep. My mind swirling with the possibilities of what would unfold the next morning. A rough expectation of the outcome, and yet no less excitement due to lack of surprise. It's a moment that's crystallised and passes so quickly. What is it? Unbridled joy? Slightly bridled joy? A buzz of low level euphoria?