October Almanac

5 October 2022

A link dump of everything I've been enjoying because the internet has been really good lately. In no particular order, other than working backwards through my watch history and music library adds.



To watch.


Nick re-enacts his job manning the phones at a wildlife management company and oh my god. Kidology creating two of her regular stream viewers that flirt in her livechat, as SIMS. Finally, someone clearly outlined for me the problem with liberals. Maddie's first kiss story is a hellish nightmare that in another universe totally could have happened to me.  Every video on AnRel's channel (there are currently four). 

Evelyn from the Internets video podcast with her brother Steve is masterful. I haven't belly laughed this hard in ??? Most of the episodes are Patreon only but my god are they worth every penny and then some. This reminds me why I love art.

To listen to.


This extended 2-hour loop of Daring Night 1 & 2 (Beautiful Visions Outtakes) by Van Morrison from 1981. Great for lulling you to sleepytown.

Neighborhood album by Ernest Hood from the 1970s.

Shapeshifter album by Someone & Tessa Rose Jackson

Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning) by Florist

Smile #2 (feat. Maxo) by Slauson Malone

Good Person album tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 by Ingrid Andress

White Science (feat. Zelooperz) by John FM

Lunar Playboy by Piero Piccioni

PHOTO Imogen Putler


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