Back in March, when I was back in Indiana for spring break, my dad let me play around with his old film camera. It's a Yashica FR-1 he bought in the late 70s. This camera took a lot of the pictures in my baby years when my parents had a brownstone in Hoboken. You can definitely tell in the disjointed photo albums when we switched from this to the proverbial disposable cameras of the late 90s.

There was an old roll in the camera, but when I got it developed all the prints were black with only unintelligible hints of images that had long been overexposed? Underexposed? It was a dead roll. We also tried to take it to Roberts, which is pretty much the only camera store in Indianapolis, to get the counter fixed, but they couldn't. So I just sort of have to guess how many pictures I have left.

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to film. I forgot to check the settings a lot before taking pictures which sometimes results in... green? I don't know. But man, it's so exciting and fun to see how they turn out. If this is hipster, then I don't want to be right. I've bought another roll.

Check out the ones I didn't like as much on Flickr.