The Breakfast Club Soho with two misfits

In belated honor of Pancake Day, I'm dragging up some pictures from an evening in which I went to dinner with Rosianna and Kayley in London.  We went to this place called The Breakfast Club.  They have multiple locations throughout the city.  Kind of a hipster-y vibe.  But the food is FABULOUS.  Above is my delicious plate entitled Reggie the Veggie:  veggie sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans and toast.  Highly recommended.

Just stay out of it.

I'm tired, but I want to write this.  So many posts have been lost because I put them off for a day.  And then another day.  And another.  That's what happened with the P4A night.  I really wanted to recount it bloggularly because it was such a fantastic evening, and then I let it go too long and now the essence of those feelings – I just would not be able to explain the night with the justice it deserves.  But let me tell you what happened today.

Today I went downtown.  Arrived in the afternoon, hung out until evening.  I was walking back from Spring Street.  I like to sit around in the caf├ęs there.  Anyway, yes, so walking down 7th.  Which is one of the less-sketch streets, I would say, if you want to get back to Figueroa.  If you're having trouble visualizing what I'm talking about, just pull up downtown Los Angeles on Google maps.

Okay, walking east on 7th.  Got my headphones in.  And I see this guy a couple paces in front of me – he's holding up a bottle of Sprite.  And then he's dumping it on some girl's head.  At first I think, did this wacko just pour Sprite on a complete stranger?  Because the girl was completely ignoring him.  I imagined myself as the victim.  How would I react if some random guy came up behind me and poured soda over my head?  Would I ignore it to avoid confrontation?  Just keep walking?

Knitted Doctor Who TARDIS Gloves

I was skyping with my friend Lidewij and she mentioned that she was knitting something for me.  She was about to tell me in the call, but I insisted that I wanted it to be a surprise.  And boy was it!  I was expecting a simple scarf after she'd made a crazy complicated one for Sanne's birthday.  Or maybe a hat. Or gloves.  But what arrived was better than I ever imagined!
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