Critical Thinking: Are you thinking hard enough?

This is a term that is thrown around a lot in higher education:  thinking critically.  Go to college, go to university, and you will be challenged to think more critically.  That little word duo has always thrown me off because I always assume that I'm not thinking hard enough.  I'm not analyzing things as deeply as they should be.  I always just assume that I'm not thinking critically, that I'm missing something.  Like there's always a level farther – more... "right"?  More "true"?  More "fair"?  Should that have been "truer, fairer?"  Whatever.  What I'm saying is this whole culture of critical thinking in university still baffles me.  Because I don't know what it means.  Or if I meet one person's meaning of it, I feel that there must be something more critical beyond that as well.


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