Back at the beginning of December, my flatmate Sanne and I did a little getaway weekend.  We ventured out to the middle of nowhere. Not an exaggeration. We got into our B&B very late the first night and we were so far from civilisation that pizza refused to deliver to us.  Not to mention no cell service.  Try not to die out here.

I think it's pretty standard for every London-based blogger to eventually feature the flower market at some point so now it's my turn!  I feel like Columbia Road is a place that only exists on Sunday mornings.  I've never been there any other time, and I wouldn't be surprised if the shops were shut during weekdays.  But come 9am Sunday, this place is buzzing, and it kind of reminds me of a little slice of Notting Hill in the East. But with flowers. A lotta, lotta flowahs.

We like to play a game in my flat called "is it Jack the Ripper or is it street art?" whenever we see large tour groups walking up Brick Lane.

Hasty foursquare checkin before we lose internet.

Hottest chap on campus.

Let's get back to business with some summer shots.  This past June I visited some friends in Los Angeles (classic marionhoney photo backlog).  My roommate from freshman year of uni and I went on a little adventure to The Getty.  It was mostly us and some touring groups of elderly people.  A lot of the architecture reminded me of Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice so I had to get in a cheeky OotD.  Like most everything in LA, you can only get here by car, but on a clear day you can see out to the Pacific and it's stunning.

Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman

Everybody and their mother have been tweeting about how amazing the television show was.  So naturally I've been dying to watch it, but I really try to read the source material first when it comes to movies and TV.  Abacus Books were kind enough to send me a copy to review.  And I can't say enough how glad I am to have read before I watched.

I love this film because _________.

Star Wars.

Jean-Luc Godard.

Welsh scenery.

(500) Days of Summer.

Ingmar Bergman.

Summer Finn.

Ramona Flowers.

Okay, this is gonna sound a little weird, but one thing I miss is Americanized Mexican food.  Basically in the suburbs, there's always a token Mexican restaurant or two.  In Indiana, it was El Rodeo.  And everything tastes super amazing only because it is super unhealthy.  And these places always have queso.  God I miss cheese dip.

A much requested tutorial on how Sanne braids my hair into awesomeness.  I'm so fortunate to have a friend that doesn't resent me asking her to do my hair (I'm looking at you, sister.).  I've worn this on many a train and plane journey, and even on the tube – where no one usually talks to each other – I've gotten multiple compliments on this style.

In my university course (film studies), we talk a lot about the idea of the death of cinema, the struggles and changes within the industry--an industry that makes so much money while simultaneously loses a shit ton regularly.  Going to the movies isn't a regular pastime for many people anymore.  I know one reason myself, and most others, don't often go is because it's expensive.  Sanne and I went specifically today because it's cheap ticket Tuesday at Vue cinemas in London.  Cinemas in the US and UK are shutting their doors all the time.  And it's not surprising because how many times have you walked into your screening to find it almost completely empty.

But going to see The Host tonight reminded me how much I really enjoy going to the movies.  Sneaking in snacks in your purse.  The weird patterned carpets in the corridors.  Bad bad bad trailers.  And the screen size – there is something magical about experiencing a movie that way. Maybe it's because I don't get to go often. It's become this treat on a pedestal for me.

What's the last movie you saw in theatres?  Do you go often?  I am definitely guilty of the it's-way-more-convenient-for-me-to-laze-in-bed-and-watch-something-on-LoveFilm.