Ethical Fashion Brands List

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What up my conscious consumerism pals. This ethical fashion brands list focuses on primarily organic, sustainable, fair trade and eco friendly clothing companies in the UK — as that's where I live! Price range categorisations are rough guides and may vary. I also am a fan of the hand-me-down clothing, charity shops, thrift stores and secondhand eBay school of thought. Happy scrolling ;)

UK Ethical Fashion Brands

UK Charity Shops, Secondhand Clothing & Thrift Stores

The Charity Retail Association find a charity shop UK map is a good place to start, though not exhaustive (it was missing two of my closest). See also:

Ethical Clothing Brands Outside the UK

EU Based

Aiayu (DK)
Alchemist Fashion (NL)
Armor Lux (FR)
Base Range (DK/FR)
By Signe (DK) 
Cus (ES) 
Dedicated (SE) 
Do You Green (FR) 
Ecoalf (ES) 
Elsien Gringhuis (NL) 
Filippa K (SW) 
Friday's Project (ES)
Frieda Sand (DE) 
Geitenwollenwinkel (NL) 📍
Independent Fox (FR)
Jungle Folk (CH) 
KnowledgeCotton Apparel (DK)     
Kuyichi (NL) 
* I have the Joy Dark Rinse & love 'em 
Lanius (DE) 
La Petite Mort (FR)
Les Racines du Ciel (FR) 
Local Apparel (IT) 
Maska (SE)
Misericordia (FR)
Mud Jeans (NL)
The Nude Label (ES)
Organic Basics (DK)
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Päälä (NL)
Pechuga (DK)
Pelechecoco (DK)
People's Avenue (NL)
Qnoop (NL)
Resole (SE)
Rhumaa (NL)
Saint Basics (NL)
Samuji (FI)
SideRoot (SE) 
studio JUX (NL)
Suite 13 (ES)
Thinking MU (ES)
True Boxers (AT) 
Underprotection (DK) 
Under The Same Sun (SE) 
Woron (DK)
wunderwerk (DE)

North America Based

Oceania & Asia

Eight Hour Studio (AU)
Grana (HK)

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📍 Brick and mortar

Have I missed your favourite organic clothing brand? Drop me a line.

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