Making the cruelty-free switch.

I don't think I've said this explicitly here on the blog, but roughly around April this year, I decided to go cruelty-free. Basically what that means, for me at least, is that with all new cosmetic and skincare purchases, I'm pledging to only buy products not tested on animals.

Since creating derpinaMODE, a beauty and fashion YouTube channel I share with my friend Sanne, my interest in makeup and skincare has skyrocketed. What first got me thinking about the effects my new-found hobby had on animal testing was a video made by my friend Lex.

Books are my bag.

You may have heard about the Books Are My Bag campaign back in October. Well the campaign isn't over! And I thought with the holidays fast approaching, it would be good to plant the reminder. Books Are My Bag celebrates one of the things I love most—visiting your local bookshop. Physically going in and browsing. Speaking to staff for their knowledge and recommendations. And maybe walking out with something unexpected.

When I first came to London —

— I had very different hair.

I'm moving again. Which makes me very reflective? The title lies a bit. These pictures were taken the first time I came to London to live. You don't want to see pictures of the first time I came to London to visit. I was a greasy 13 year old pushing a cart through a brick wall between two platforms at a train station. Or maybe you do want to see those pictures...
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