Where to Shop Cruelty Free & More Sustainably Online

I stopped shopping at Amazon in 2014 and said my farewells to Whole Foods when they were bought out by Amazon in 2017 (it still stings...). So where am I picking up my organic skincare, cruelty free makeup and eco friendly cleaning products? When I do not buy directly from brands, these are the ethical online shops I discovered in my efforts to practice more conscious consumerism.




My Amazon alternative, except I only use it to buy used items. (Only if I'm really out of options will I buy something new from an eBay seller.) Great for gently used electronics, specific secondhand books, replacement parts, hunting down fancy dress or costumes for Halloween and buying vegan chocolate bars in bulk. I sink a lot of hours watching midcentury modern credenzas I hope to one day afford on here.

Ethical Superstore

This is where I first started to buy household essentials in bulk before I discovered package-free shop Hetu in London. If you live in the UK and don't have a zero waste bulk store in your city, Ethical Superstore is a great starter option. Along with non-perishable grocery products, they also stock a decent amount of skincare and makeup lines. What I love about this site is that you can shop by cause.

Repurchase List: Modern Figures Oak Milk 6 pack
Suma Peanut Butter in big boy glass jars

DM me your email if you want £10 your first shop of £25+

Glasshouse Shop

Arguably the best organic hair salon in London. Glasshouse Salon is where I discovered my beloved purple shampoo, the Organic Colour Systems Status Quo Silver. Sitting on the first floor of a converted warehouse building in East London, think lots of plants and charcoal-purified water on tap. They've stopped accepting cash in protest of gelatine in the new UK notes – women after my own heart.

Brands of Note:   Kure Bazaar  |  RMS Beauty

— Brick and motar store in Hackney —
📍 Netil House, 1 Westgate Street E8 3RL

https://uk.whogivesacrap.org/Who Gives A Crap

Yup, toilet paper, toilet tissue, loo roll – whatever you want to call it. I bought a box of their 48 recycled rolls in November and in August I still haven't run out. No plastic except for the pack tape on the box and each roll is wrapped in colour paper so it's not an eyesore stacked up in the bathroom. Shipping to UK, Australia and the US, they have one of the highest ratings of bog roll brands for ethics and conscious business practice from Ethical Consumer magazine.

Other Avenues


Not sure about a brand? Consider subscribing to Ethical Consumer. For £30 a year, you get access to their in-depth ethics assessment guides and score tables on over 40,000 brands and products.