I'm here to give a little background on this video.

Back before I left for London, I came up with this idea to hide letters all over Europe.  The letters would be written to specific people in my life, saying things that I felt I could not say to them personally.  Nice, mean, accusatory, praise, PROFESSIONS OF LOVE--what have you.  Letters of honesty.  But I wanted someone to know besides me.  So I'd write these very personal letters and place them randomly in hopes some stranger would pick it up and read it.  And keep it.  And wonder who I am.  And whom I'm talking about.

I only wrote one letter.  To someone I had been wanting to write to for a while.  My concept for the video was to have words that reflected my past and images last displayed my now.  There is much more in the letter (complete sentences even!) than I let in the video.  And when I was reading it out loud for the voiceover, so much of what I had written just felt no longer relevant.  It described a me from six months ago maybe, and there was this sense of relief at how much I had moved on from some of this "hurt."  Which is yay for me.  Moving on, letting go is good.  It's so nice when you can experience that right in front of you.