I'm back again to explain one of my own videos.  Lord.

No, no, self.  Don't say "Lord."  I actually am writing this just as much for myself as I am for people who want to know about what the hell they just watched.

The images:

These have been sitting around for ages.  I have so much stuff sitting around that I'm not sure what I want to do with all of it.  I don't want to make the same music video over and over again with different images and a different song.  These in particular are from June-ish?  Summer 2011 I did summer school in Los Angeles and had a week break in between the sessions.  Kayley graciously paid for half of my plane ticket to Seattle to come visit her.  Stay her house (her house is the bomb).  See her town (her town is the bomb – they got coffee, books, and water.  GOOD JOB!).  Anyway, I don't need to get into the whole trip.  I would if I didn't just stop myself right now.  Okay yes, so.  Images from when I visited Kayley over the summer.

I'd been trying to make something out of them for a very long time.  Tried lots of different music.  But I never wanted to keep working on it.  Which probably meant it wasn't right.

Then I got this idea of making a video in which the soundtrack is just messages I haven't deleted off the answering machine on my cell phone.  Before I knew it, I was combining the two.

The audio:

is a mix the audio attached to the original images and messages on my phone from 2011.  I couldn't use all of them unfortunately.  But I really liked how in the editing process I found these unrelated images connecting to this one-sided dialogue.  They probably – actually perhaps almost certainly – have connections that can only be picked out by me, but hey, that's the way I've always made my videos.  A place for me to embed my own little secrets.

A lot of those messages I received while I was in London.  American phone was turned off so they all went straight to voicemail and I couldn't listen to them until I was back in the States.  Surprisingly a lot of casting calls.  Once upon a time, I submitted a headshot, and, well, people want you when you are not there.  It was probably for the best because I'm fairly certain my hair color and cut has shifted about forty times since whatever picture I put in.