Back at the beginning of December, my flatmate Sanne and I did a little getaway weekend.  We ventured out to the middle of nowhere. Not an exaggeration. We got into our B&B very late the first night and we were so far from civilisation that pizza refused to deliver to us.  Not to mention no cell service.  Try not to die out here.

I think it's pretty standard for every London-based blogger to eventually feature the flower market at some point so now it's my turn!  I feel like Columbia Road is a place that only exists on Sunday mornings.  I've never been there any other time, and I wouldn't be surprised if the shops were shut during weekdays.  But come 9am Sunday, this place is buzzing, and it kind of reminds me of a little slice of Notting Hill in the East. But with flowers. A lotta, lotta flowahs.