Wuthering Heights (2011) review

I don't want to say that this is a review.  I think that makes me sound pretentious.  Like I'm completely sure of my opinions and that others should agree or disagree.  I just found myself sitting in this film this evening and a mental list kept pushing itself into my mind.  I worry sometimes that I do not think critically enough.  That I only think aesthetically.  As the shallow beings that we are, I am drawn to beauty.  And innovations in beauty.

So these are simply my thoughts.

Catching up, cleaning out

I'm home from my weekend in Paris.  Hopefully I can squeeze some scrumptious reflective posts out of that trip.  I can promise you pictures.  Internet was very limited in France.  Scratch that:  internet is very limited in France [Fucking Minitel].  Sanne & I were finally able to snag some wifi at a Starbucks, and even then we had to connect to that of a restaurant's next door [all hail Buffalo Grill].

I have found British administrators to be very snarky via email, and in a hilarious fashion.  Please enjoy this little snippet that was sitting in my inbox since last Thursday.
7 November - pop music sensation Justin Bieber will be switching on the
Christmas lights at the Stratford shopping centre. No 
doubt he will entertain the millions who will flock to see him with an 
amazing dance routine (while miming).

I will not be there.


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