Hey! Thanks for watching my video. These are the links you are looking for :)

The shirt I am wearing is from Eileen Fisher. My nails are Intensae in the colour Jungle. I have a video coming up in which I walk through this makeup but until then the lip colour in this video is ColourPop's Lumière.

The music that opens the video is "Comme une maison vide" by Julsy. Her stuff is all as gorgeous as this and more. I also used a song of hers, "Ze Rest Of Uz", in my Norway video. Listening to it chokes me up every time because I'm sensitive af. Support her on Bandcamp; the world needs more dreamy albums from this artist.

The golden group chat is made up of Emily, Lex, rhr and Sa-nay-nay. These girls convinced me to go to Amsterdam, and I am so glad they did. I'm so happy I got to see Sanne speak on her panels (*proud mother duck*), be in the same room with Rosianna even though she was a working whirlwind. Lex took me to my bus stop to get to the airport because she is a total gentleman. And Emily is getting as difficult to pin down as Rosianna these days so I was so so happy to have someone to gush to about how much we were falling for Amsterdam. Seriously though, I might like Amsterdam more than London now HELP???