May 2022 Almanac | VIDEO COMPANION

27 May 2022

Hey little lady. Here's all the links that I didn't put in the video description but that you might have been curious about.

"The Hustle" cover (original by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony) is a recording of a SHS Orchestra 1978 performance. I love that is sounds like your best American high school marching band tooting their hearts out.

The original April Almanac video can be viewed here and lived on my channel as perhaps the last video I thought might ever make for myself for a very long time. Shot by friend and film director Emily Diana Ruth.

All the best NTS Radio shows: Zakia's breakfast show and her former lengendary Questing slot. Flo and her infectious laugh. Saturday morning's with me giggling at Macca like the stan I am. Early mornings with Spirit Blue and their cat named Bun Bun. Monthly wallow-in-your-feelings jazz selections care of Naomi Asa

Podcasts mentioned were Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram. Try out the "Why Straight Men Are Boring in Bed" episode if you don't know where to start. And Tara Brach – credit goes to Karen Kilgariff for putting me onto her.

The Charli XCX Crash album is still holding up a month later. You gotta listen to the deluxe version.

So many of the plastic free zero waste bulk refill shops in the UK have closed during the last couple months. If you have the proximity and means to, please support your local before it disappears too. I want Get Loose in Hackney for many years to come, please. Oh and for the best bagels in London, don't make me choose between OG Brick Lane Beigel Bake and New York newcomer Papo's Bagels. Both have their place and time.

My spinach puffs Kronk is my alter ego. The homemade peanut butter recipe is literally just bulk peanuts from Get Loose, roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 150ºC, generous pinch of salt and whizz in a Nutribullet blender. Turns out Nimfa's Pili Candies don't just have a Facebook but a Google Maps page too. So if you ever find yourself in Sorsogon City, Philippines, get me five bags of the Crispy variety. The packaging lets you know it's legit. 

I didn't know I desired a blue gingham pattern spoon until Fran put me onto watching Ondo's videos. It took me a good two hours to track down that favourite fork TikTok only to find out the audio had been muted/deleted. Devestating. But when I downloaded it, it put the original music back on?! A Christmas (in May) miracle. And finally, if you want to make the vegan Mac and Cheese powder that makes the pasta at the end of this video, here's that recipe too.

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