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Glam site with some seriously beautiful product photography. Their physical store serves up cruelty-free, all natural facials and massages, yummmmm.

Brands of Note:   Jane Iredale  |  Pai  |  RMS Beauty  |  Skin & Tonic

— Brick and motar store in Marylebone —
14 Bulstrode Street
London W1U 2JG

Ethical Superstore

This is where I get my household essentials (loo roll, laundry detergent – #domestic) but they also stock a good amount of skincare and makeup lines. What I love about this site is that you can shop by cause.

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Glasshouse Shop.

Arguably the best organic hair salon in London. It's where I discovered my beloved purple shampoo, the Organic Colour Systems Status Quo Silver. Sitting on the first floor of a converted warehouse building in East London, think lots of plants and charcoal-purified water on tap.

Brands of Note:   Kure Bazaar  |  Organic Colour Systems

— Brick and motar store in Hackney —
Netil House, 1 Westgate Street E8 3RL

a beautiful world.

A smaller, more curated offering with an emphasis on sourcing from companies around the globe. Check out their points-based a loyalty scheme.

Brands of Note:   INTENSAE  |  S.W. Basics
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