Mr. Dolly--Mr. Darcy of cats?

I was going to come here today to write about food, namely places I want to eat when I go to Park City in a couple weeks.  But after downing three (four?) truffles, going through multiple sticks of gum, stealing fruit snacks from my roommate (again), and putting a sizable dent into a bag of overly buttered popcorn, food's pretty much the last thing I want to think about.  So instead I've found two places I really want to hit up when I'm not sprinting to the next theatre.

So I cheated a little.  Food, one of my all time FAVORITE THINGS, will be touched on a bit in this post.  Because the first place is Atticus Books & Teahouse!  And you know, tea.  Tea, food.  So yes.  But see, I probably won't get tea there.  I'm gonna get a "frost!"  The Sweet Latte flavor to be exact.  They describe it as frozen hot chocolate with my variety of choice including espresso and sweet cream.  Hellz yeah.  See, that's the wonderful thing about Sundance:  you're allowed to eat copious amounts of unhealthy food because every moment you're not sitting in a movie, you are power-walking.  In layers of clothes and heavy boots, mind you.  So it's like one giant work out.  Plus it's debatably my favorite place in the world, and dammit I should be able to eat whatever I damn well please in my debatably favorite place in the world.  Did I mention they also have scones?

Of course, it's not just food--it houses another one of my favorite things.  Books!  15,000 they boast.  I'm sold.

Place number two is also a bookstore.  And it ALSO has some of my favorite things EVER--KITTEHS!  I mean, the place is named after a cat!  I think I walked past this shop last year, but was rushing to get to a screening and never had the chance to go by again.  Dolly's Bookstore is managed by two cats, Mr. Dolly (yeah, it's a dude) and Che.  Books, cats--you see why I love this place now?  I've browsed their website a bit where they talk about the history of the cats, and they even have a YouTube channel!  It just looks downright adorable.

I should be back soon to list what films I have tickets for.  Ciao-meow.
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