Monitor on my Mind

Sometimes the violence of my obsessive personality rears its ugly head.  As it did today, when I let Sanne (barely) talk me into skipping astronomy and when I tuned out the greater part of my art history lecture to look at computer monitors.  Lately I've been finding baby 13" Polly very limiting.  Having Spaces on Macs  is nice, but so often I find the need to spread out without flipping back and forth.  Thus began a preliminary combing of craigslist.

I landed upon a gem.  Mostly aesthetically, but hey my priorities are what they are.  I'm determined to be the owner of an Apple Studio Display 17".  It's flat, it's small, it's my new child.  What's ridiculous is one of the adapter cords costs more than getting the used monitor itself.  Such is working with old hardware.  But look how pretty she is:

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