blogular update!

It's summer!  Well, sort of.  Seasonally it is summer.  But today I started classes.  Again.  My life is getting weird.  Extra lifey lately.  I moved out of the dorm last weekend into a sorority house for the summer.  No, I'm not joining.  It was just a relatively cheap, close to campus, and crazy nice place to live for the summer. I got my own room and bathroom and I keep announcing to people that it'll probably be the nicest place I live for the next ten years.  This is both scary and exciting.

I guess I feel more adulty lately?  That usually bothers me.  Even though I've had the maturity of a 30 year old since age 10.  But all the same.  You feel like you've been yanked away from something that you want just a little more time to spend time on.  Honestly, I'm not sure what else I would get out of being childish and reveling in teenagerdom.  I've done my time.  I can still have that mindset.  But I think for the most part, I'm really excited about the little things like going grocery shopping for myself and cleaning my own bathroom.

So yes, I'm still in Los Angeles.  Which is where I'm going to uni, if you weren't aware of that.  I'm taking summer courses--three.  Which is crazy expensive, but less expensive than going here four years.  And getting these classes out of the way will enable me to graduate at least a semester early, maybe even a year.

I'm also just really pleased with how much I've been reading lately.  For fun.  When I get out of that mode, I always get worried my mind is going to go to mush with all the television I'm watching online.  But whenever I go back to reading, and I really genuinely like it, and I do it voluntarily because I like the feeling of putting new ideas, new words in my head--that just makes me really pleased with myself.  I have so many things going right now the right column doesn't do me justice.

But that's a little bit of what is going on.  Excited about being super independent.  I get butterflies when I wake up in the morning over this.  Summer classes.  The Greg Holden concert next month.  And then loads of people coming to see me in July!
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