London, UK


Moooooooorning.   Six o’clock in the morning to be precise.  Sponsored by jetlag.  I am awake at  this hour without complaint.   My mother on the other hand, not so much.   My very cheerful samba alarm went off, I turned on the beside light and she said “nope.”  Nope to the Oxford trip we had yesterday planned.  We were going to get up at six, get on a Paddington train at seven, tour the Harry Potter cafeteria, and be back in time for tea with Miss [x] Rojas.  Instead, here I am typing in the dark on Pim [the name of my new laptop, and yes, that means we are back in business].

The only way I will be able to gather my thoughts is if I try to go in order.   Nine fourty-five London time we touched down at Heathrow.  That was Wednesday morning.  Our plane departed Detroit at 10pm on Tuesday.  It still felt like Tuesday.  I slept a very broken one and a half hour on the plane.  Partially due to excitement.  But also because I had been getting so much sleep at home in the days prior.  Summer sleep hours.  A beautiful thing.  There was a very loud drunk lady in the seat directly behind me [fantastic].  Thankfully, she went “night-night” [yes, her words] pretty much the moment we took off and stayed asleep [passed out] until about half an hour before touchdown.  Score.

How did I busy myself on the plane?  Lord, only knows without in-flight wifi.  With in interwebz in tow, six and a half hours is nothing.  I could have really made some decent headway with Torchwood.  Still, I managed to make the time pass without even cracking open the one book I brought along.  I ate my plane food.  I chatted with my neighbor; she was a professor at some university in Michigan and had been a visiting faculty at Queen Mary—small world = helpful world.  Now I know to go to Whitechapel to a cheap Bangladeshi market to get a quilt for my bed.  And apparently I also must try Masala Zone.  Super excited for the prominence of Indian food here.  There was a disappointingly severe lacking in Los Angeles.


My mother shanghaied me into helping her clean out her closet.  Something it seems like she does every four months.  And basically I don't do much.  I sit in the chair in her bedroom and say yes or no to whatever she's holding up on a hanger.  She also usually tries to shove some clothes on me that I don't want and will likely never wear.  But my style tastes are evolving and some of these I'm keeping.

Are you ready to freak out?

My best friend Amanda left for uni recently and we had a final day together--which meant lunch at Petite Chou.  It's an Indianapolis restaurant with about seven different locations.  So I really don't want to consider it a chain.  And the food--so lush.  I honestly sit and stare at the menu for so long because everything is so appealing and I know it is all delicious.  Fresh ingredients, fancy coffees.  And it's "French."  Pretty much my kind of place.

Also the drive to the location I usually go to--it showcases my favorite aspects of Indiana:  blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds, expansive cornfields, empty back roads.  Love.

Feed the birds

Hello my little darlings.  I'm in a very bloggy mood lately.  Mostly thanks to this blog--I've been very inspired by her.  So if my stuff starts to look similar... now you know.  No shame.

But anyway.  Like the vain person I am, I track my tags on tumblr.  Maybe once a month something pops up under marionhoney and the marion tag is pretty much strewn with photos of Marion Cotillard.  Which you know, is not an unpleasant sight to gaze upon.  Okay, back on topic here.  Pretty much someone posted one of my YouTube videos saying that they've missed me.  Yeah, well I've missed me too.  I've had an inordinate amount of free time lately--that lull between coming home from summer school in LA and going to London.  And I have not been able to edit video.  Because as discussed in a previous post, Polly crashes when interacting with video clips or Final Cut.  And over the past couple of weeks she's developed this ghost effect with my iSight camera when I Skype with people.  And now she can hardly even handle Skype video calls or streaming TV shows (coughCastlecough).  I pretty much came to the conclusion that I would just be inhibited in London so I dug into my savings and bought a new laptop.  The pocket book cries out at the reminder.

No pocket, no sunshine.

Hey hey.  So I haven't done one of those writing posts lately.  I've been pretty picture heavy.  But...

Okay, hi.  It's five in the morning.  Getting closer to 5:30.  I'm trying to get back to a better sleeping schedule.  I had been staying up until around 2 in the morning and then would not wake up until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  And moving to California made me really like mornings for some reason.  Morning light.  It's nice.  Probably a part of it is that it's still a rarity for me.  But anyway, yup.  So I forced myself to go to sleep at 22:30 last night.  Then woke up at midnight and again at 4:59 and my body just told me that it wasn't going to get better than this.  I've fixed myself a nice bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch, moved myself to my desk (I'm terribly guilty of laptoping in bed which means I find excuses to be even lazier), and will try to read over some more UK orientation schtuff.  Ta for now :]
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