Contact, Berries, Tea

I really need to stop falling asleep at 6pm.  Which probably means I need to stop reading in bed and go outside and read so this doesn't keep happening.  If not I wake up around 10pm feeling unsure of what to do with myself and with contact lenses suction-cupped to my eyes.  And for some reason the contact in my right eye is extra keen on being bonded to my eye, even when I haven't even fallen asleep in them.  So I just spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom squeezing my right eyeball.  Really not pleasant.  It always give you the fear that you're gonna put an eye out.  So here I am typing with one contact in, one out.  Also quite pleasant.

Waking up at 10, I hadn't had dinner.  But I didn't exactly want to eat a huge meal now that it's so late.  So I washed myself up a giant plate of blueberries.  Really dismally low on food.  Mostly because I want to finish my perishables by my flight tomorrow.  And also because buying less here means I can buy more in Seattle!  I fly out tomorrow evening.  I love being on planes.  I love airports.  I love to be going places.  And I've never been to Seattle.  Gonna be a good week.

I've also started making tea with milk.  I ordered this honeysuckle tea from Republic of Tea, and I'm in love.  It's so light and perfectly unassuming, but the milk and raw sugar really bring it a new life.  I'm also a crafty little thing and use one bag for two cups because it's time needed to steep is so short (30 to 60 seconds).  I even went to back to watch Charlie's old How to Be English videos to get a few pointers.  Can't do the sugar bit first because I have to boil my water in my mug in the microwave.  No kettle.  Unless I can put sugar water in the microwave?  I dunno, maybe I can do that.
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