14390 Clay Terrace Blvd #150, Clay Terrace, Carmel, IN 46032, USA

Petite Chou, Clay Terrace

This is not Petite Chou.  This is a dinosaur.  Painted on a car.  Julia's car actually.  But not by Julia.  By her sister.

A dusty Outfit of the Day.

Thanksgiving Friday in London.

Care package from Lex.

Can you tell that I'm again going through my photo folder from the summer?  Refer to Indiana bedroom.  And plethora of sunlight.

So I really was missing Cheddars when I was back in America after living in the UK during the autumn term of 2011.  Unrelatedly, one day on twitter I saw Lex was having a bad day so I offered to send a care package.  I can't even remember what I ended up sending her anymore.  But when she received it and declared she was going to send one back, I requested those goddesses of cheesy cracker goodness.

My granddad.

Tate Britain.

John Martin. Plains of Heaven (1851-3).

Biscuit tins.

So wayyyyy back when I was making my rounds at the charity shops in London, I was really hoping to come across a biscuit tin to feed my desktop storage needs.  But I never came across any.  And then I went to M&S for some Veggie Percy.  And then I saw this and it was a fiver which felt a bit expensive.  But the tin, you guys.  Look at the color palette on this baby.  And it came with food.  Which was an added bonus.  Though these shortbread numbers were legitimately the size of my face to which I said why but okay I will still eat you can you tell that it's late and my eyes are burning and I have uni in a matter of hours goodniiiight!

Oh, and also the postbox/letterbox/what-do-they-call-them-here-? piggy bank was a gift from Essie from when she, Sanne, and I got lunch not long after I moved to London.
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