August NL03: Amsterdam

August NL02: To the sea

Fairly certain I had yet to sleep at this point.  Nothing like fighting jet lag by blasting yourself with some sun.  Also, god, this a total me thing to do--turn up to the beach in tights and canvas shoes.  Lord.
Katwijk, The Netherlands

August NL01: Face Wash and Inaugural Meals

The winter night London run.

[If you're wanting extra mo0dz, while reading this [moody] post, this is pretty solid:  clicktolisten]

I can't remember the last time I so desperately wished I had my camera with me.

I went running tonight.  Over the summer I worked out every other day.  Which was a real accomplishment, took some incredible chutzpah, because I have never done anything like that in my entire life.  I haven't regularly exercised since bi-weekly soccer practice during my freshman year of high school.
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