BEDA catchall.

So I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there have been a lot of posts here on the old blog lately.  Flipping back through, one might even notice they've been, oh, every day.  I didn't want to announce that I was doing Blog Every Day in April because I understand that some are turned off by it (I can be), and I felt it also would have put extra pressure on me.  Not that there haven't been nights where I'm scrambling around at 11pm trying to get something together.

Outfit of the Day: Train Travel.

For a three hour train journey north, I reach for bulk and comfort.  Sanne braided my hair, and we plan to put a tutorial up on derpinaMODE for it soon!

White jumper - Free People
Plaid button up shirt - Goodwill
Black skinny jeans - Urban Outfitters
Black Botas - TOMS
Mossimo backpack - Target

Style Inspiration: Stone, Watson, Stewart

Image Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

Pin curls.

Hottie alert.

Lunch with Kathryn.

The lunch.
Apostrophe, Market Place

The Kathryn

Some notes on moviegoing.

In my university course (film studies), we talk a lot about the idea of the death of cinema, the struggles and changes within the industry--an industry that makes so much money while simultaneously loses a shit ton regularly.  Going to the movies isn't a regular pastime for many people anymore.  I know one reason myself, and most others, don't often go is because it's expensive.  Sanne and I went specifically today because it's cheap ticket Tuesday at Vue cinemas in London.  Cinemas in the US and UK are shutting their doors all the time.  And it's not surprising because how many times have you walked into your screening to find it almost completely empty?

Currently stuck in my head.

I made a New Years playlist on my Spotify because I was concerned the party I was going to was going to be lacking in enough good, jumpy dance music.  And the host had mentioned something about people being able to dj.  I never ended up making that intervention, and completely forgot about the playlist until getting ready for the day yesterday morning.  Estelle's "American Boy" was in there and its chorus hasn't left my head since.

Nice bread.

I like nice bread.  I have this romantic idea of myself going weekly to a local independent bakery, exchanging some flirtatious glances with the dark-haired, dark-eyed indie boy working behind the counter, a smudge of flour across his cheek.  Something super cringey and wonderful like that.  I've graced the tube a time or two with a baguette tucked underneath my arm, and I gotta say, it made me feel pretty badass.

Tumblr questions.

London skies are spitting white chunks today.  Maybe I wasn't too off about Christmas in April.  For no particular reason, I stopped going on tumblr for most of the last six months.  Having been back recently, I remember how wonderful internet curation can be.  But it's also a really good place to get your sadnesses and anxieties a pat on the back.  Which makes me think I'm better off without it.  We'll see.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek is the most awkward shitstorm of writing and acting I have possibly ever seen from network television.  And I can't stop watching.  No thanks to LoveFilm instant watch.

This is one of those shows that I was aware of really only by title as a kid.  I wasn't allowed to watch this.  This, The O.C., and Degrassi were off limits, though I don't have any express memories of my parents explicitly saying I could not watch them.  I do have memories of my father hollering at me to "turn off that sex show," followed by me defending it was just Mr & Mrs Matthews getting frisky on Boy Meets World.

Christmas Book Haul

Christmas.  April.  One does not usually put them together.
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