Swindon, UK

The Fault in Our Stars, UK Tour.

Swindon, 2 February 2013.

LUSH Brazened Honey.

February in June.

She made it in America.

I'm writing this in between responding to comments on my newest derpinamode video.  I dressed up a couple weeks back to see Gatsby, and Sanne and Rosianna make a little cameo.

Also I'm back in America.  Don't freak out.  Not for long.  I'm here for a little less than three weeks to visit my family and see some friends in LA.  Right now I'm in my mom's house in Indiana.  Where I didn't grow up.  She moved into this place after I was already at uni.  So "my bedroom" here feels weird.  More of a guest room, you know.  But I also didn't live in Indiana for more than three years.  So I've never really had that childhood bedroom thing.
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