Charity shop homewares.

10 October 2012

These pictures are from my first week in the new flat (forever a backlog on marionhoney).  Essentially, Rosianna hadn't moved all of her stuff in yet from her childhood home so we pretty much had no dishes to speak of.  So one afternoon Rosianna and I ventured out together and scoured our local charity shops and I brought home these items.  In total, I don't think I paid more than £5 which was astonishing seeing as I feel like even at the cheapest retail shop that's how much one of these items would cost.  I am a charity shop convert.

Since I've also had another charity shop day with Kayley.  We went to Richmond where they have what felt like a lot more options.  There I got a mirror, candle, and silver tray – all of which have been much loved.


  1. Not to be weirdly creepy or anything, but I thought you were only in London for a semester? Did you actually transfer/ change schools whatever?

    1. Yep, I fully transfered from my uni in LA to one in London.

  2. I don't think I could ever live too long outside of the UK because I love me some charity shops! I live a small town up north and our high street is littered with them - everyone complains that there are too many, but I could spend hours browsing through all the marvellous junk that people donate.

  3. What beautiful, little finds! I need to go scour the local charity shops in my little town now. Glad you are settling in! Love your latest video. :)