Haircut inspiration, part 1.

24 January 2015

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Short hair is in. At least in the YouTube-world I reside in. It was Ingrid and Estée and Sanne, and by jove Zoella's followed suit (kinda sorta) only yesterday. The last time I got a similar chop was back when I was trying to rehab my bleached platinum hair.

I was undoubtedly partially inspired to cut off all my hard work by the ladies linked above. But I also have to credit Anna Karina, my forever girl crush. Ever since first seeing her in Alphaville in my first year at film school in LA, I've been mesmerised by that woman's style. And having moved to London, though she is not pictured, some credit has to go to the glorious Brit hair icon, Alexa Chung. Just look at the picture below and you'll see what I mean.

The above pictures were what I brought to my hair stylist. My instruction were: give me Rebecca's fringe and colour, Emma's length and angle, and if I come out as Anna Karina after the many hours in this chair, you've done a good job.

This cut happened back at the end of November when I was in the US for T-giv. London, you are too expensive and I haven't found a stylist I've been happy enough to stay with. So I continue to frequent the same hair stylist I had in high school. She is amazing. Central Indiana, represent.

But this is how it has grown out since. And it has lightened up quite a bit as well despite my desperate weekly Superdrug Colour Effects applications. As you can see, I am in the curtain bangs phase. Which some days I like and some days I'm like noooooo. I'm toying with the idea of going shorter (more on this later) but after writing this post and editing this photo, I'm feeling more zen about sticking with this length. Maybe I'll just go for a fringe trim and maintain the length as is. I mean, I have essentially achieved Alexa Chung hair status so I can retire from life.

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