Corgi Instagrams.

22 March 2015

I did the thing, guys. I went to university. I got a degree. And I found myself in a job in a completely different field.

I'm a proper adult now with a nine to five(-thirty). I work on a Windows desktop (*cries*). I shuffle to the office kitchen to make myself a tea. And I'm fortunate enough to really enjoy what I do and the people I work with. But the first couple weeks adjusting to a new routine took a toll on my body like I never could have predicted.

I remember having to wake up for high school, my first lesson starting at 7:45. Then university9am was the worst it could be, there were breaks in between most days, and sometimes I could even squeeze in a midday nap in my dorm (how cool!).

So there I was, brain excited to do all these awesome-woo-proper-job tasks and my body like hah cute nice try but nope.

There's always an excuse not to blog or work on YouTube stuff. And now that time I (sort of) once had really is non-existent with a full-time job in my life. I'm all the more in awe of Sanne whom I've watched balance work and regular YouTube uploads for over a year.

As a way to cope with the new found slap of exhaustion, I compromised the usual high aesthetic standards required of Instagram accounts I follow. With a slew of Corgi accounts. I've become very appreciative of #corgibutt. Did you know that my childhood dog was a Welsh Corgi? Having these in my feed have made the 6:30ams and the 8:15pms all the brighter. And fluffier.

You know what I'm going to ask at the end of this blog post. Corgi Instagrams. You have more? I am currently following Pan-Pan, Ramen, Gatsby and Scout, Kimchi, Sebastian, and Henry.


  1. G'day, Maz.

    Certain versions of instagram, when installed on certain devices, will provide a general search when you type in a word. Others aren't anywhere near as helpful. It's silly.

    By way of one device, I found (among others) these:
    lacorgi, corgiclio, corgiarya, corgistagram, corgi_nation, corgirose, winstonthecorgi, corgis_are_love, corgimeetsworld, corgis_and_clive, boomer_and_tank, & . . . corgiapparel. . .

    THAT should keep you occupied for awhile. . .

    When - one day - you own a corgi again + cat (and I have a sneaking feeling you will), be sure not to feed them any spam. . .

    Bonus bemused dachsund puppy in yellow duckling booties:


    1. OMG lacorgi might be my new fave. Thank you for sending these!!

    2. Glad to help, girl_so_weird.

      I put the lacorgi account first for a reason - I do think that corgi may be going places.
      At the very Ieast, I reckon a signature-fragrance and a clothing-line as dead-certs at some point. . .

      In the interim, Marion, don't forget to post your 'corgiapparel' haul.

      (Um, maybe just buy one of the keyrings. . .)

  2. You are so weird. In a wonderful manner.