Lost at sea.

6 September 2015

This feels kind of like walking into a meeting you've been skipping for the last couple months. Everyone lifts up their head to look as you come through the door. And then they go back to shuffling their papers, ignoring your casual sheepish wave.

Hey guys.

For months I've been ruminating about how to write here now that I am not freelance. How do non-freelance people blog?! Comment some examples. I don't want this to be a place where I talk about my job because I spend most of my waking hours doing and thinking about my job. I really want my blog to be a separate entity but I'm beginning to wonder if it can be. My job is a huge part of my life now. And I feel like if I ban myself from talking about it... well, what else will I have to say here?

You read it all the time on blogs (oh bloggers and their crises) but I'm gonna say it too. My life is not that eventful. Frankly I'm happy to keep it that way at the moment. Is this what it is like to get older? A month from tomorrow I will be turning 24 (very, very not best pleased about this). Making me that much further away from being able to unabashedly sing Taylor's 22.

Whenever the weekend rolls around and I have a reprise from the office, I find myself missing posting photos and scraps of thoughts here. But I can't think of things to say that isn't 'I'm tired' or 'Look, I'm adulting' or 'I should be reading right now' or 'Why can't I keep my flat tidy'. Also, I have to say, I quite enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Sue me.

So, of the little that has been going on, here is a life update:

A couple weeks back Ross finally got me to cave and watch the first episode of The Sopranos, and of course I got full-blown addicted. We're on season four now. And we're those horrifically hip people that don't have a television. Nope, we have a projector. I had Emily, Sanne, and Lex over to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. It was great. Rosi, we miss you.

Other ways I now occupy my time is by browsing for secondhand furniture on Gumtree and eBay. We've scored some pretty sweet finds, the most recent being this IKEA sofa in mint condition from a bloke who was moving to New York the next day.

Tiny tangent time: I think the other reason I feel quite lost at the blogging (and YouTube) game stems from not really enjoying makeup and fashion like I used to. I go through swings of not trusting brands. I can get overwhelmed by not wanting to buy items whose suppliers could sell tested-on ingredients or supporting companies that have sustainable fabrics but maybe haven't paid their workers well. The lack of transparency probably upsets me more than it should. Nevertheless it leaves me at a standstill. Of not wanting to buy anything (and feeling guilty when I do). I've created some kind of self-imposed rule that blogging has to be buybuybuy and newnewnew. Maybe this is a wake up call for me to focus on what I have already.

Have to admit my reluctancy about sharing how obsessed I currently am with Snapchat. Keeping my follower count low means I've been able to gloat about ex-lovers looking at two seconds of rats I am babysitting and other mundanities. On a semi-related note, I'm not ready for a pet.

These are my life blood lately. Sourdough bloomers. Tamales for breakfast. Handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. Junk shops and scotch eggs. I have two markets in easy walking distance of my flat and making that a routine of my Saturdays and Sundays is a good way of getting in some much needed vitamin D (#homebody) and a reminder that hey, you live in a world-class city. Get out there wit yo bad self.

Anyway. How are you doing? Are you still reading blogs and watching YouTube? I know I'm not the only person who's found that getting a job has taken over their life and are struggling to find a semblance of balance. If you've written about this, leave a link. And if you've experienced this and have tips, please for the love of god share them.

Until my next crisis,


  1. Hey Marion, if your job is taking over your thoughts I don't mind reading about it. I came at blogging from the rookiemag/art/diy/teen journal sorta place, so I guess I don't really associate blogs with consumerism (although I've blogging with products and brands so I'm definitely aware of that whole thing. I like this entry and how it's like a collage of different life bits and inspiration and happenings. I hope you don't feel too lost for too long, because I think writing a blog doesn't have to be about finding or being something specific, but just being you and expressing your you-ness, even if nothing eventful has happened. I mean, if you wanted to write a post about your childhood love of chewing buttons or your hatred of Frasier Crane or something, that's cool. It's you.

    Also, projectors are the coolest and one day I really might get one. I don't have a suitable wall for one at the moment, though. My friend and I watched Twin Peaks on his wall and it was great.

    I don't have a job, so I don't have the job-taking-over problem, BUT I did write some blog posts about blogging/YouTubing here which might be vaguely relevant: What Is Blogging? / Eye Heart You


    1. Hi Lil--thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment! It means a lot to me. I think my writing style can often be guilty of things-thrown-at-a-wall. But I'm glad you were able to follow it despite that! You've actually given me a lot of ideas in this comment (writing about my childhood in particular I'm surprisingly totes keen on). Thank you for taking the time to share x

  2. The people who read your blog aren't just reading it just for the topics but also (perhaps even primarily) for your voice. Not what you're writing about so much as how your write about it. The observations and small details that catch your interest will be unique to you. I don't read bed and breakfast blogs but your post about your holiday was entertaining. I say just write. See what happens.

    re: projectors. I used to share a house with a guy who worked in home theatre. It was a crumby little house but he put in a THX rated sound system, a 100 inch projector screen and three, red velvet, reclining cinema seats. We'd watch Pirates of the Caribbean so loud you'd have to shout to be heard. Good times.

    1. Francis! You have stuck around with me for SO MANY years. Thank you for your kind words. Seriously. Also for your hilarious anecdote. Genuine chuckles were had. I hope you are well!

  3. Hi Marion! I can relate to what you're saying... Working full time is such a sudden and harsh cut when you've been used to student life for years. I started working full-time in June and since then the weekends have been sacred and I only do what I really enjoy. I miss student life and working part-time so, so much... Going to markets and exploring the neighbourhood sounds great! We also go to markets, have breakfast somewhere but I also just enjoy being at home for once. When it comes to blogging: I've been trying to keep up a routine where I post once a week. Working on blogposts is like gardening for me on the weekends. I'm rambling... Regarding the buybuybuy/newnewnew thought. I totally get that. I'd like to blog about products more but I hardly ever buy stuff. Sometimes I look back on posts I did two years ago and realize that I'm still using the exact same things. So, I try to talk about other topics ... food, life, whatever. ANYHOW! I love your blog, and reading your thoughts and your photos. Take care, keep your chin up, wotking girls unite! ;)

  4. Oh hai I am a whole month late but thought I'd comment to say I feel the same. You saw it - my blog died pretty much the instant I got a full time job. Because exactly like you, my job is all I can think about. And in my free time I want to see my friends, and especially NOT write since it's all I do day in, day out.

    But I love your use of gifs, and the occasional six months late photos, and updates on whatever's on your mind. Ultimately, if I still had the time and courage, I think the best way for me (and I am selfishly believing that this applies to all other full time workers, we'll see if you agree) is by allowing for randomness, an absence of rules, and what I'd call 'stream of consciousness' articles in a way - posts that aren't necessarily about something, or nothing, but a little bit in the middle, tying in thoughts and happenings form your 'boring' daily life to other thoughts and matters.

    ok bai