Some books I'm excited to read.

5 February 2016

*pears around corner* Ahem, erm, h-h-hello? Am I still allowed here? Yes? *whips white sheets off furniture*
This little guy is all over the shops this week. I was reading a proof copy last year and now have the luscious debossed hardback by my bedside. The writing of Goats and Sheep is so comforting without being at all dumbed down. It has a dreamy quality to it that at times reminds me of if The Virgin Suicides was set in middle England and concentrated on two ten-year-olds rather than pouting teenage daughters. I'm looking forward to starting it again–it's the kind of read with descriptions so good you want to roll them around in your mouth.

I stole my friend's advanced copy of this because it is so pretty. Look at it, goddammit. That typography. I had to take it home. I have no idea what's it about (that's how I like to go into my books) but I'm going to wager there are some horsies. I have to be honest, I did try to start reading it tonight and am finding it difficult to get past the first couple pages. But to be fair it's 9pm on a Friday after a full on week of work. Progress to be updated on Goodreads.

 SCARS ACROSS HUMANITY: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women 
by Elaine Storkey
This is a Rosianna read. Anything that Rosianna breaths about gets automatically added to my Goodreads. Just watch her video; it'll pitch it better than I can. I love that there's been such momentum lately around reading feminists texts. I've just joined Jean's book group and have already discovered loads more titles to put on my tbr. Now I just actually need to read some of these. *glares at appalling read to want-to-read ratio on Goodreads*

More YouTubers?! YouTubers everywhere. How many of the YouTube books have been fiction and not fiction that's basically autobiographical? I'm mega excited and proud of my friend Chelsea (aka Ophelia Dagger) for getting picked up by a publisher. She's smart and sharp (in every sense of the word) and brutally honest. I have high hopes for this baby. And Chels, even if it's shit, don't worry, I pre-ordered it anyway.

 MEN EXPLAIN THINGS TO ME and Other Essays  by Rebecca Solnit
Another book that I've seen everywhere, in the feminist vein, that I just want to be able to say I've read. Mansplained. Constellations on the cover. It's the book you want on display on your bookshelf. Have you read this one?

 COLLECTED STORIES  by Richard Yates
Speaking of men who speak for women, I miss reading Richard. Boy is one of my favourite authors. Screw plot, it's all about that w-r-i-t-i-n-g. Ever since I got a hold of Rosianna's collected works volume when she and I lived together, I've been smitten. Need him back in my life. Him and Isherwood.

 MY LIFE ON THE ROAD  by Gloria Steinem
I meant to buy this when I was in the US and put it off until we got to the airport. Which we then had to run through because I am always late when I travel. So then I wasn't able to buy it in the US which now means I have to have the version with the Lena Dunham quote on it. To which I say BOO. Anyway. Can I just go all hipster for a second and say that I wanted to read this before Emma Watson's book club? Not that I'm against Our Shared Shelf. Hell, I'm a member. But I found out about My Life on the Road through Fresh Air. I grew up listening to public radio, another breeding ground for some seriously badass women. I'm looking at you Terry, Lynne, and Sarah.

Last but not least, I miss Mark Watney and I miss potatoes. So I need another space book in my life. This one had a good cover so I've allowed it to fill the void. Side note: whoever said that 'you can't judge a book by it's cover' thing had to be living in another century because I spend a lot of my time judging things and book covers are one of them. I can't remember how this came into my line of sight. Maybe I saw it on a display table in a shop, maybe it was recommended in a video? Can't remember. Just want.

Let me know what you're keen to read next. Or if you have read some of these and need to inform me I have terrible taste / book intuition. Just whatever you do, please don't buy these from Amazon. And yes, I know my use of Goodreads is therefore FRAUGHT.


  1. Ooohhhh I just added the Hadfield book to my Goodreads TBR. It sounds so good. SPACE. I'm having a space-themed birthday party this month.
    Gonna look a bit more into the other ones if I find them interesting. :)

    YAY for a new blogpost btw! xx

    1. Thanks for your comment, dear, and stopping by!

  2. Two of these were bought because of their covers and one sounds great and the other... not so much. Perhaps you can judge a book by it's cover, but only half the time? Science.