Hastings, UK

Pursuing Acting + Places to Go in Hastings

30 September 2021


Ondo and Annabelle have brought me so much comfort over the last many months. I went so far as to buy a second-hand iPad on eBay so I could place it on the windowsill and watch their videos while I did the dishes or cooked (only a global panini could finally force me into the kitchen).

Funnily enough, I watched a Rowena video that came out today (what up, synchronicity) where she shared a comment that articulated pretty much what I was trying to get at in the previous paragraph. How—for whatever reason—watching vlogs has become a respite from a world where we are experiencing, or observing, or have in a hand in, or are more aware of suffering. I told my friend Cait, who asked me what's brought me back (and I don't want to make it out like it's completely altruistically motivated. I am very much a messy human and have—and will continue to—make mistakes big and small. But) a part of me felt like the joy I've been getting from Ondo and Annabelle humming along in the background of my days... well, I figured I could be that person for someone else too.

⛅️ Get Ready with Me

Bedding & pajamas

duvet cover second hand via eBay 〰️ plus sign pillowcases from Target 〰️ grey hoodie by H&M 〰️ hand-me-down grey knit leggings

Morning Skincare Routine

Twelve Beauty Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream  〰️ Pukka Rosewater (now owned by Unilever)  〰️ Honest Beauty Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF  〰️ Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Lifting Neck Cream 〰️ Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30  〰️ Honesty Beauty Brow Pencil


Outfit of the Day for Work

People Tree dusty rose pink sweatshirt dress  〰️ hand-me-down tights 〰️ Thought blue and red heart socks  〰️ New Look boots, resoled 〰️ H&M burgundy infinity scarf  〰️ Kristen Stewart black snap Nike jacket 〰️ Eileen Myles Tote Bag from OR Books

What's in My Bag for Working at the office

KeepCup reusable coffee cup  〰️ Planet Oragnic discount card 〰️ TfL Oyster card  〰️ Inferior by Angela Saini 〰️ Spitfire sunglasses  〰️ my glasses 〰️ House of Marley Liberate On-Ear Headphones in Saddle 〰️ a jar full of organic cornflakes cereal to have breakfast at my desk 〰️ Skin & Tonic Calm Balm  〰️  Sighh Designs Spagboll phone case 〰️  Therapi Honey Lip Nectar

🚂 A Weekend Trip to Hastings

Everything from this point onwards was shot on my ancient iPhone 6S. The Andrew Wyeth painting in question. The leather jacket I'm wearing on the train is one I got ages ago off ASOS during my I-must-purchase-all-replicas-of-Kristen-Stewart-outfits phase. The cactus makeup bag is from a natural cosmetics store in Indianapolis that has since closed. My Hastings makeup, if you're interested, includes 100 Percent Pure Long Last Liquid Eye Liner (one of the few products in this 2017 footage that I still regularly use today) and ColourPop Lumiere Lippie Stix.


When I'd go to see Fran in Hastings, it was our tradition to go to see Dave at Sham City Roasters when it was a physical shop on George Street, the main drag of Old Town. Everything was vegan. Everything was amazing. We'd get grilled cheese sandwiches. The lemon cake was my favourite. So much sugary frosting. And then light roast coffee in a mug (which made it feel like Luke's diner from Gilmore girls) for me. As of writing, Simply Garden the plant shop has survived. Hare and Hawthorn Bookshop has since moved to a bigger location.

Big appreciation to Aisha who came up on my For You page and whose video not only introduced me to the podcast allegedly?! but led me to stumbling across this killer explainer of Mutual Aid. Were you also gradually radicalised by TikTok to be anti- neoliberal capitalism during an unprecedented global pandemic? Nice one, me too.